Do You Want to Buy a Suitable Pallet Inverter for Your Warehouse?

Pallet inverters will be needed any time a pallet has to be turned. As they can offer smooth transfers by just pushing a button or pulling a certain lever, pallet inverters can always boost efficiency and reduce any waste for any business.

Pallet load inverters prevent the need to manually stack and re-stack pallets, lowering the risk of product damage and allowing your employees to spend more time on other duties.

Big Industries offers top-of-the-line technology to offer you customized solutions for a pallet inverter for rotating, tilting, and transferring loads of any size and content type. They have more than 30 years of experience in material handling, so you can always trust their expertise.

Types of pallet inverters

1.      Single clamp pallet inverter

This is a popular solution that comes in any size required to complete the task. This well-liked type has a 180⁰ rotation and is simple to load with a forklift.

These pallet inverters are suitable for lighter loads and are simple to use and maintain. The variants that are available can support up to 4,400 pounds of merchandise at 3 different load heights.

2.      Dual clamp pallet inverter

Compared to the SC model, this model is of superior quality and has a wider range. DC pallet inverters can sustain minor and partial pallet loads while also handling larger loads up to 104″.

Dual clamp pallet inverters are ideal for businesses that handle a number of various items because of their adaptability.

3.      Ground-level loading inverter

Pallet inverters have ground-level loading feature docks that are level with the ground so that a pallet jack can be used for loading and unloading the inverter rather than a forklift. For spaces that a forklift cannot access or places where forklifts are not permitted, ground-loaded pallet inverters are ideal.

4.      Ramp loading inverter

When designing a pallet inverter, certain difficult-to-handle materials were taken into consideration. It is the ideal option for corrugated factories and industrial printers thanks to its higher gripping force. Newspaper inserts, high-gloss materials, and plastic sheets all work well with ramp-loading inverters.

5.      Stainless steel pallet inverter

You may safely spin combos and Gaylord boxes, particularly for pallet transfer, utilising the stainless-steel pallet inverters that are offered.

The sidewall of these inverters can be moved to cradle the goods and avoid separation. They may be loaded from the ground, and because they are made of stainless steel, cleaning them is simple.

6.      Low-duty pallet inverter

If you are any small to medium-sized company trying to find a solution for your pallet-transfer requirements then you could find the low-duty pallet inverter to be the ideal option. This affordable choice can invert 12 to 15 loads/day to help your warehouse or production line run more efficiently.

Use any low-duty pallet inverter in your company’s operation to cut labour costs and also product damage to save money.

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By Norma Neuman