Finding and hiring the best people to work for your company

Finding and hiring the best people to work for your company


If you don’t hire the right people, you may forget about running a profitable restaurant business. You could put it all in one phrase. Your workers are your most important asset, and in our industry, they are frequently the most scarce resource, therefore it is imperative that you have a strategy in place before you begin the recruitment process to ensure that you identify the candidates with the most experience and abilities.

There is a significant investment of time and energy required to establish and execute a recruitment strategy; nevertheless, the costs associated with high employee turnover, poor customer service, and inconsistent brand message may be far higher if this phase was skipped. If you’re starting a new company, like a restaurant, and need help hiring the best people, this article may help.

Explain what it means to be really great.

Never assume that everyone in charge at your restaurant shares your standards for an ideal worker. A talk about the core values that all employees and team members are required to respect should take place before the first interview. For that, choosing the 15 common restaurant interview questions  is important.

Post complete and thorough job descriptions.

Include keywords that reflect the company’s culture, the concept of the restaurant, the kind of service offered, the expected opening date, and any relevant information regarding the job description and scheduling requirements in the advertising you post. Jobs should be advertised in a professional way and disseminated across several means (such as the internet, job boards, social media, and word of mouth).

At least two managers need to be present for every interview.

Because losing out on a great candidate may be as expensive as choosing the wrong one, it’s crucial to take the advice of several individuals before making a final selection. Managers should communicate with one another between interviews to flag any areas of concern that require further inquiry. This method of hiring further ensures that all hiring managers are on board with the new hire, eliminating the possibility of a member of the team being hired only due to the efforts of a single manager.

Make a set of regular interview questions.

Compiling a well-thought-out list of questions with the intention of evaluating whether a candidate shares your values and unearthing facts about their professional experiences will help eliminate random interviews and maintain an impartial method. Your interviews will run well and the applicant will get an immediate sense of your level of professionalism as a result.

Put down some thoughts

When hiring for a new team, this is of the highest importance since you will be meeting with prospects on a regular basis. In the midst of pre-opening onboarding, it’s easy to lose track of personal feelings or mix one person with another.

Your mentality determines your success

Someone can be taught new skills and information, but their perspective is much harder to change. Do not be misled by a candidate’s impressive CV if they lack any of the core competencies your team has identified as necessary.

By Clare Louise