Why do you need an ITN number for AES?

The exporters need to prove by generating a number that they have met all the legal requirements to give proper information to the US authority about the shipment processes. This 14-digit number is known as an “internal transaction number” (ITN), which is also needed to be related to the export process in the AES (Automated Export System). Clearit Customs Canada helps to generate this number on your behalf without any hassle. ITN numbers ease your shipment by providing one-touch information about the shipment to customs and border security.

Why do you need an ITN number?

There is some relevance to ITN numbers for the people who are involved in the business of shipping high-end goods to another country.

How can you get an ITN number?

  • You need to first fill out a form to get an ITN for the specific type of good you are shipping, like a car, consumer goods, or household commodity.
  • You will receive a letter from the authorized organization mentioning that the form has been received and accepted.
  • You need to pay the bill against every ITN number generated for the requested services by using a credit card or PayPal.
  • Then the ITN number is ready for use.

How do I use an ITN number?

  • Suppose you are accompanying your shipment of goods out of the country; you simply need to present the ITN number to the customs officials and the security border.
  • Suppose you are shipping a car from one country to another, then you have to send the ITN number and all the essential documents to the customs office of the exporting country without fail.


Some specific formalities are always essential for the shipment of anything from one country to another because every country has its own rules for exports. One of the main formalities you should follow before exporting your goods to another country is filling in the ITN number. It is a very essential process before initiating an export. During the security check on the borders, the customs officials demanded the ITN number and all the essential documents. The ITN number provides the customs with one-click information, which helps to avoid a huge amount of paperwork. Many steps are involved in getting an ITN number, so you should follow every step very carefully and be alert while filling out the form.

By Clare Louise