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The Pike Creek Valley population is 11,439. How much does it cost to live in Pike Creek Valley, Delaware? Pike Creek Valley, DE has a household income (typically) of $76,077 and an average home value of $276,189.

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All about Pike Creek Valley, Delaware

Between 2016 and 2017, the Pike Creek Valley population, DE increased by 7.4%, from 10,077 – 10,823, while the average household income increased by 0.432%, from $72,188 – $72,500.

Let us further look at the population of Pike Creek Valley in little more detail:

  • White Alone population is about 73%
  • Black/African American Alone is about 12.2%
  • The Hispanic or Latino population is about 6.43%
  • People speaking in Pike Creek Valley any language other than English is nil.
  • The citizen of the USA is 93.7%.

Goldey-Beacom College is the largest university in Pike Creek Valley, Delaware (in 2017, 564 degrees were awarded).

Pike Creek Valley, DE has a median property value of $254,800 and a homeownership percentage of 58.4%. The most familiar mode of hauling in Pike Creek Valley, DE is Drove Alone, with average commute duration of 25.1 minutes. Pike Creek Valley, DE has an average of two automobiles per home.


Pike Creek Valley, DE has got a population of about 6.14 thousand people and an unemployment rate is 3.8%. The job market in Pike Creek Valley now has grown by 2.7% in the last year. The job growth is expected to be 32.9% over the next 10 years, which is much lower compared the US average which is 33.5%.

  • People in Health Care and Social Assistance is 956
  • People in Finance and Insurance is 681
  • People in Educational Services is 826

Finance & Insurance is the most populous industry in Pike Creek Valley, DE. The industries that are of the highest paying are as follows:

  • Finance & Insurance about $61,021
  • Public Administration about $60,292
  • Finance & Insurance, and Real Estate and Rental and Leasing about $60,042.

Pike Creek Valley, DE households have an average annual income of $72,500. This is more than the national average annual income of $61,937. This compares to an average income in 2016 is $72,188 which is an annual increase of 0.432%.


Pike Creek Valley, DE institutions awarded 564 degrees in 2017.

  • Male students: 806
  • Female students: 1,017

Pike Creek Valley, DE has a female-dominated student body.

White students make up the majority of those graduating from various universities in Pike Creek Valley, DE

  • White students: 140 (58.1%).
  • Black/African American students: 52 (21.6%)
  • Asian students: 27 (11.2%)
  • Hispanic students: 27 (11.2%)
  • Latino students: 10 (4.15%).

Looking at the degrees conferred, Goldey-Beacom College is the largest university in Pike Creek Valley, DE which is 564 (100%).

By Bart Lira