Why Does My Internet Keep Disconnecting While Playing Online Games

Your internet connection can make or break your online experience. Whether you are working from home or studying virtually, unexpected internet slowdowns can disrupt your online activities, making it difficult for you to complete your tasks on time. Similarly, professional gamers may find it challenging to play online games when the internet keeps disconnecting again and again. With a stable internet connection, your gaming session will remain uninterrupted, even if multiple users are connected to the same network at the same time. However, if you can’t find a reliable internet connection available nearby, then we recommend you read this article to explore different ways for resolving your internet issues. Besides, we will explain why your internet connection may disconnect time after time. 

Reasons Why Your Internet Disconnects While Gaming

Here are some of the most common reasons why your internet may disconnect while you are playing online games:

Weak Signals

Your Wi-Fi network’s signal strength determines the quality of your internet connection. If your router delivers signals that are too weak to reach your device, then your internet will disconnect very often. This may occur due to physical obstructions that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals. For example, baby monitors and even microwave ovens may block signals from reaching your devices. Similarly, if your gaming console is placed in a room that is far from your Wi-Fi router, there is a chance that your internet will keep disconnecting.

Issues with Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Another common reason why your internet connection may often disrupt is your internet service provider (ISP). If there is an issue with your ISP, then it will show up as intermittent disconnections. In such situations, you should consider reaching out to  Spectrum Servicio al cliente at your earliest. Or else, it can be very frustrating for gamers to wait for their internet connection to restore, while it continues to disconnect after some time.

Slow Speeds

If your Wi-Fi disconnects constantly, it may indicate an issue with your internet speeds. With slow upload and download speeds, your internet connection will not remain stable for a long time. Check out the minimum speeds needed to play games on different gaming consoles:

Gaming Console Minimum download speed Minimum upload speed
PlayStation 3 Mbps 1 Mbps
Nintendo Switch 3 Mbps 1 Mbps
Twitch 4-6 Mbps 3-6 Mbps
Xbox 3 Mbps 0.5 Mbps


So, as long as your current internet provider delivers the abovementioned speeds, your gaming experience will not disrupt due to speed issues.

Damaged Cables

You may not realize but sometimes, your cable’s condition can be responsible for internet throttling. With time, the cables can be subject to wear and tear, which can internally damage the wire, even if it appears good in condition. Hence, your worn-out cables can cause internet slowdowns and keep your device from establishing an internet connection while gaming.

5 Ways to Fix Your Internet Issues

We have compiled 5 ways to restore your internet connection:

Upgrade to a High-Speed Internet Connection

The best way to minimize the risk of disconnection while gaming is to find a reliable internet connection. If you are confused about which internet provider offers seamless connectivity and entertainment, then dial numero de Spectrum. With Spectrum Internet, you can play competitive online games without worrying about delayed responses or throttled speeds, which can disrupt your gaming experience.

Close Unnecessary Tabs and Windows

While surfing the web, many people tend to open multiple tabs on web browsers and windows on their devices. This can potentially take a toll on your device’s performance, which can influence the speeds you get. Therefore, you may encounter frequent disconnections from your internet. To avoid this issue, all you need to do is, close all the tabs and windows that you don’t need any longer. If you prefer using multiple web browsers, make sure you don’t leave any unnecessary tabs open. In addition, you need to ensure that no application or file runs in the background.

Stay Close to Your Router

The distance between your device and router can affect your connectivity to the internet. Since the signals coming from your router can disrupt due to other devices that emit electromagnetic signals, you need to minimize your distance from the router. Consider sitting closer to your router with your gaming consoles and devices so that your internet connection does not get disrupted by physical obstructions around you. 

Check Your Cables

If you are still using old or worn-out cables for an internet connection, then it’s time for you to toss them out! Before performing bandwidth-intensive activities, such as gaming, you need to ensure that your cables are in good condition to prevent your internet from disconnecting while playing games.

The Bottom Line

If your internet keeps dropping now and then, you should take some time to understand the reason why this is happening. Make sure that you assess the quality of your connection using the factors listed above to reduce the possibility of intermittent disconnections while gaming. You can also follow the aforementioned ways to trouble your internet connection without seeking help from a professional technician. However, if the issue persists, you may need to call your ISP to fix your internet.

By Clare Louise